What qigong does for my body, meditation does for my mind.

Meditation calms the racing energy of my mind and gets it flowing in a single focussed stream. With regular practice of meditation I am able to get some control over the “monkey mind” that challenges us all, where the mind flits from thought to thought constantly, incessantly.  It has often been said meditation is the simplest and yet the most difficult thing to do.

After all, how hard can it be to simply sit and focus on your own breathing? Read More

Chi, Tea & Me

QiGongOzLogoOur next term of qi gong and meditation is on every Monday from 7pm starting 22nd April 2013 and will run for 6 weeks. It will be held in our clinic at 15 Terminus St, Castle Hill. The cost for the six weeks is $80 and bookings are essential. We will teach a form of qi gong, then seated meditation for 20 minutes followed by a sharing over cups of tea. Chairs will be provided or you can bring your own comfortable supportive cushion for the meditation session.

Please call either Mike on 0414 246 201 or Molly on 0413 991 669 to book in or email us at