Treating The Common Cold Naturally!

TTCN-productMolly’s latest e-book has been released just in time to deal with the effects of the winter season and great value at only $3.50!

It is titled “Treating The Common Cold, Naturally!” and is chock full of tips and remedies to treat the common cold and its symptoms.

As Molly says “Colds are hard to stop and impossible to avoid!” but armed with the knowledge found in this book you will be able to boost you and your family members immune systems so that the effects of the cold can be reduced and the symptoms alleviated when they do present.

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Winter is on its way

Sneezing woman For all of us ‘down under’, autumn is here, and winter is just around the corner. It is an ideal time to prepare your body for the cold winter days. With prevention is mind, there are many easy steps you can take to boost your immune system and have your body stay healthy during winter.

Make sure you get adequate sleep. Our body  does its best healing as we sleep. This is the reason you feel tired when you get a bug and feel off colour.  Your body wants to slow you down so you will rest and your body can heal.

 Add herbs and spices to your cooking.  There are so many delicious herbs and spices that can be added to your food not only for the taste aspect, but also for the health benefits that your body will gain. 

 Avoid all refined and processed foods. They are full of additives that are foreign to the body, and so keep your immune system stressed.

 Lower your exposure to toxins and chemicals. I say lower, because we live in a very contaminated environment these days, and it is impossible to be free of  a chemical overload. Sad but very true. 

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Winter health tips

Winter girl on womans shoulders 5363615XSmallWinter is just about upon us once again, the winds and the early mornings have a chilliness nipping at us. The coughing and sniffles have begun and it really is time to stock your medicine chest with some natural cold and cough remedies to help ward off any winter illnesses.

It is very helpful to know what you can do to build up your immune system as much as possible so you can avoid getting a cold or the flu, or know what to do to treat any symptoms as soon as they become obvious. The other wonderful aspect of knowing what you can do, is that if you have been exposed to anyone that has full blown cold   or flu symptoms, there are remedies that you can start to use immediately which will help you to boost your immune system so you don’t necessarily succumb.  When you learn how to treat your body naturally, without any chemically laden products where ever you can, you will give your body the possibility of maintaining a stronger constitution and a more active immune system.

We can’t totally avoid the winter bugs!  Colds and flu will be  lurking everywhere.  In fact the common cold is around all year, and deserves much more respect than we tend to give it!  There are over 200 viruses that can cause the common cold and once you are infected, a single cold virus can have sixteen million offspring within 24 hours!  Now that’s impressive isn’t it! Read More

Germ harbours in the house

What areas of your house are unexpectedly harbouring germs?

We wash our floors, we dust and we vacuum, we scrub our sinks and our bathrooms, so really our immediate environment should be squeaky clean, shouldn’t it? Not necessarily! Germs like the cold and flu viruses, and many other bacteria can hide away in some very unlikely and unexpected places. Let’s look at some areas in the home that we may not consider as a health hazard!

Your TV Remote Control

The whole family use the TV remote control. It will get coughed on and sneezed on. It gets dropped on the floor, and trodden on. It falls down the side or back of the lounge chair. Even the dog might have a lick now and again.

Your remote control may harbour cold viruses or even some potentially nasty bacteria such as staph germs or E. coli.

Make a note to wipe it down with an alcohol swab at least once a week. More often if anyone in the family is sick. Read More

Herpes Virus

The herpes virus is incredibly small. So small in fact that around 100 million of them could fit onto the head of a pin. Isn’t that amazing?

Around 90% of our population will have contracted one of the  herpes viruses by the time we reach adulthood. Very few people miss out on getting this virus. There are dozens  of viruses that belong to the herpes family, and fortunately for us there are only a few of them that affect humans.

We know of course that the herpes virus is highly contagious, particularly contagious at the onset of the blisters and from the fluid in the lesions and is spread by contact with the blisters, or from body fluid like saliva for instance, so be careful who you kiss!! Obviously if the virus is in the saliva, it could be passed in the air, if someone coughs or laughs, even talking!

In saying that though, around 30% of people infected with the herpes virus, will show no symptoms at all, the common symptom that we have come to expect like that of the telltale cold sore on the lips.

Very often when first contracting this virus, the symptoms will present as a sore throat, feeling tired and a bit run down, or with a few little mouth ulcers, the gland in the neck may be a bit swollen and sometimes there can be a bit of a raised temperature. Nothing to specifically indicate that you have contracted the herpes virus.

However, despite not having any obvious symptoms that we would expect to see with a herpes infection,  the body will shed the virus in body secretions at certain times, so despite the fact that they have no symptoms, if infected and shedding the virus, it can of course be passed on. No wonder it is so prevalent in todays society! Read More