Make your own skin creams and cosmetics

Makeup-rangeMaking your own skin care products and cosmetics is not only fun to do,  it serves many useful purposes. We offer three one-day courses:


  • Skin Cream
  • Mineral Makeup
  • Luscious Lips


Each one of these courses in making skin creams, mineral makeup and luscious lip products, is designed for the person that is looking to maintain radiantly beautiful skin, along with maintaining a healthy body using the most natural ingredients available. In each hands on class, you will learn about all the ingredients needed to make a beautiful chemical free product, which is tailor made to your skins needs. 


What are the benefits of making your own skin care products?


  • It is a huge bonus for your body and for your immune system to have less added chemical contaminants to deal with.
  • There are no artificial or nasty chemicals at all in the products you will make.
  • You will use oils that are specifically beneficial to your particular skin type.
  • Your body gets healthier cosmetic products with fresher, natural ingredients containing no artificial preservatives.
  •  Any substance that you put onto your body, will get into your body,  Your skin can absorb up to 80% of anything that is put onto it. 


I started to make skin creams for my chronically ill patients 20 years ago. I wanted so badly for my patients to recover, that I started looking at all aspects of their lifestyle. For females in particular, using moisturising skin creams and make up is a big part of the daily routine and something that we love to do. But what is in these products?  

As I started to research what was in the different moisturisers and cosmetics I was shocked at some of the chemicals being added to products. Chemicals that are known to cause many serious skin conditions and health problems, even cancer!  

Commercial skin care products and cosmetics can have hundreds of nasty chemicals added to them. We have a belief that our foods and cosmetics should have  all the ingredients listed  that are in that product. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Remember anything that goes onto your body, will get into your body,  Your skin can absorb up to 80% of anything that is put onto it. Your entire body through various functions, has to deal with this added contamination.  

Your immune system can be so overburdened by these unnecessary chemicals, and when it is needed to fight off bugs that are going around,  it is so busy dealing with this overload of toxicity,  along with your kidney and liver, that alas, you can become ill.  

As I am so chemically sensitive myself, in my clinic I alway try any vitamin or herbal remedies myself before giving them to patients. Same with making the skin creams, I figured that if I didn’t react adversely then the chances were good that others would not react.  There are certain  natural products that I will never use as I noticed an adverse reaction myself. Of course my reacting doesn’t mean that everyone will react adversely, however to avoid the possibility of any  of my patients reacting, I don’t use certain products.  I can safely say my products and skin care recipes are not tested on animals but they are tested on humans! Every cream or lotion that I have developed I have first tested on myself.



Face & Body Cream 

Skin care rangeThis one day course in making skin creams, is a hands-on class. You will learn about all the ingredients needed to make a beautiful chemical free product, which is tailor-made to your skins needs.

Your skin is a vital organ and the largest organ of our body. It helps to defend against many pollutants and chemicals. By making your own creams and lotions, you are one step closer to ensuring your body remains healthy & vibrant. You will learn how to choose ingredients that are best for your skin and body.

In this one day workshop you will make a face moisturiser for day and night, eye cream, revitalising face elixer, toner, and cream cleanser. All suited to your specific skin’s needs. I will discuss what to do with problem skins, which herbs or essential oils can be added to your cream to make it really work for you.



Mineral Makeup

Colour-Charteyeshadows-groupMineral makeup is a combination of purified minerals that allow your skin to  ‘breathe’. 

When you make your own product you can match your skin colour exactly, and have a beautiful smooth natural look, free of added chemicals.

In this one day class you will make mineral foundation and powder, blush, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner and eyebrow pencils. 



Luscious Lips

Mineral Moisture Lipstickslipgloss-groupLearn how to make beautiful lipsticks, lip gloss, lip treatments that are free of nasty dyes and chemical additives.

This class is great fun, and you will make several lipsticks, lip gloss, lip pencils, lip balms and conditioning lip salve. Make them for friends and family. Great for gifts! Perfect for you!


My goal is to educate people so they can make an informed decision. It really is very easy to change from a chemically laden skin cream or lipstick, to a natural additive free skin cream or cosmetic product. 

Start your body on a healing journey,  simply by changing your skin care and cosmetics. 

It’s that simple!

Once you start to make your own skin care and cosmetics you will never want or need to buy an outrageously expensive and chemically laden product again. 

 Join me, it’s lots of fun!

Please see our events page for all the details on our courses. Please note that you can search for creams or mineral or lips to find just those courses. 

Specialised one on one classes are available, please contact Molly for details.