Chi Me and Tea course

Discover YOUR energy.


This year we are offering six courses of Chi Me & Tea with each 4 week course having one of the six healing sounds from TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, as its “theme”. We will teach each healing sound within its context and associated elements from TCM.  


See the flyer below for the course content.


We start with a series of qi gong (also know as Chi Kung) exercises to bring your mind and body into an energised focus.


We then meditate for 20 minutes and for those who have never meditated before we offer guidance to help you discover the benefits of this practice. For those who are experienced meditators we offer the benefits of a group meditation and the enhanced experience of meditating after a qi gong session.


To round out the class we then sit with cups of tea of coffee and discuss the evenings practices. Many of our previous course participants have found this to be a most valuable learning experience.  


Come and join us for one or all of the Chi Me & Tea courses, we are confident you will enjoy them!


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